My sister and me in a photo when kids


My name is Remedios, because it´s a common name in Vélez-Málaga where my grandmother was born. I live in Málaga, a big city in the South of Spain. I live with my mother who is an elderly woman very talkative, moody and bossy (I don´t get on well with her).

My physical appearance is fine. I´m quite short and fat, but I’m on a diet and I’m losing weight little by little. I have short black hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses, especially to read.

I’m going to talk about my personality: I’m an extrovert person, talkative (as my mother) and friendly.

In my free time I prefer to work with my computer: I make some Web pages, Blogs, presentation in PowerPoint for the conferences which I go with my mates, and to write some journal articles about psychology (in English language, of course). I like taking photos of my family and flowers and I like cooking, but my family doesn’t like what I cook. For this reason my mother and I always go to have lunch at my sister’s house.



My favorite photo is one taken on the river thirty years ago. I like this photo because it reminds me of good time. I was on holidays with my friend Charo who took some photos when we were walking around our holiday house.  On this photo I was in the river sitting on a stone and carrying a stick. I wore a blue jumper, white skirt and trainers.

Our holiday’s house was by the river. It was an old big house. There was a garden with a lot of scented flowers and some fruit trees.

Although we were in summer the weather there was cold and at night we put on a sweater and it was necessary to put a blanket on the bed. Then we remembered that in Malaga It was very hot or boiling, and we were happy.

 When were sleeping we heard the song of the river and the birds… it was very funny.

From time to time we climbed the nearby village (It was two miles from our house). This village was a very typical place of Andalucía with white houses, vegetable patches, pets, and flowers. There were Spanish ham factories, and the ham was delicious.

Some days we went to walk to the mountains and my friend Manolita broke her leg, but it wasn’t serious because she got better soon.

I remember some friends who were there. They were very nice, good people but I have forgotten them.

Now, we can’t see the house because they have built a swamp. The house is under water.



I’m going to talk about my holidays.

Three years ago, in summer, I went to Brussels on holidays. I travelled by plane from Málaga-Airport and I arrived at Brussels on the seventeenth of July to attend a Conference of International Test Commission in Louvain’s University. The Conference name was “5th International Conference on Psychological and Educational Test Adaptation across Languages and Cultures”. It was very interesting. There were a lot of people from different countries: Italy, Brazil, The USA, etc. but everybody spoke English. I presented a poster in English language about “Differences in learning potential assessment of disabled and non disabled primary school children”.

We had a Gala’s dinner in a luxurious hotel. There were a lot of diverse things of dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, juices, but there weren’t any spirit drinks.

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and the capital of Europe. It’s an exciting and cosmopolitan city. It’s near France, England, Holland and Switzerland. The weather was wonderful in my holiday.

My friends and I visited the most important cities near Brussels: Bruges, Ghent and Anvers. On Brussels we visited the Town Hall, the Gran’Place, the Law Courts, and the House of European Parliament, Cinquantenaire Park, and the Mannekin Pis … Atomiun.

Of course, we visited the streets of the city-centre. There are a lot restaurants, shops…, and beautiful old buildings.

One night I went to dinner with some friends, and then, we walked around the city, and bought some souvenirs (gifts). Another day we went dancing. We enjoyed it!

Also, another day we went to the Oostende’s beach, by train which is very fast and quite comfortable. When we arrived to the beach it was raining and we came back to Brussels. We stayed in the hotel’s bar speaking, drinking and watching TV.

Based on real facts.



I live in Malaga which is a city on the coast in the South of Spain. According to the data center in January of two thousand and ten (2010) it has a population of 577.095 (five hundred and seventy-seven thousand and ninety-five people). So it is the sixth largest city in Spain.

You can go to Malaga by different means of transports: ship, train, bus, taxi and plane (there is an important national and international airport near the city centre, it is easy to arrive).

It is a wonderful city because it feels nice to walk around its parks, gardens and its promenades: Picasso, Antonio Machado and Antonio Banderas. In winter the weather is humid and little rainy, but it is not too cold, so many old foreigner people, especially British, choose to live in this city. In summer it is very hot, but it´s great to go to one of the beaches of the town: El Palo, La Malagueta, La Misericordia … and enjoy the warm water and “pescaito frito” of the “beach chiringuitos”.

There are many touristic attractions for going sightseeing. You can visit interesting places like the Cathedral, the Picasso and  Thysen Museums, Alcazaba, churches…typical streets, etc. and enjoy its wonderful views from the Gibralfaro Castle. As I say there are varieties to choose from: theatres, cinemas, bulls… both fun and cultural events… There are many hotels and places to do small or big conferences or events and you can learn Spanish in different schools, even you can study at our excellent university.

Before Lent we have the Carnival: many people, especially young and children, wear costumes and there are lot of groups who sing funny songs about politicians or celebrities. In spring, Malaga is famous for its “Holy week” when you can see parades and Holy Week Processions. In August we have the fair with a lot of fun attractions both in the city center at the fairground during the evening. At Christmas we usually decorate the main streets of the city.

Malaga has professional services and shops where you can get everything you imagine. Around  all the town there are a lot traditional shops, supermarkets and big stores.

In recent years the city has grown considerably and there are several new neighborhoods which it is easy to move because the public transport network works very well. The underground was planned to be ready last year, but the works are not finished yet. You can go sightseeing all the city by “Tourist Bus” which is relatively cheap and fun. Also it’s easy to go around the city because there are very attractive places which are well connected. To go to the airport, Torremolinos and Fuengirola is better use the bus and the train which is very fast and comfortable. However, if you want to go to Marbella, Ronda and Grenada, it is better to travel by bus. Throughout the city there are many outdoor bars and restaurants; people go there all the time to sit under the sun, drink, to have “tapas” and speak…

Malaga is known as the Paradise city; it is  a friendly city where you are always welcome.



In fact this summer I’ve been at home because of the hard work in my English course. So I needed a rest. But here the weather is hot and I couldn’t work too much. However I´ve studied everyday. I usually stay at home working with my computer, making websites, blogs, checking my email and looking at from my Facebook friend´s news.

I haven’t been to the beach because in summer the beachs are crowded and the beachs and sea are polluted. ¡The council should keep beaches cleaner!

I watched many Eglish videos to improve my listening and even movies like The Sounds of Music, Lost in Translation, Moulin Rouge, Jesus Christ Super Start, The painted veil, etc. I found an American English website, which is very funny and interesting for studens. This website has a lot of videos about English lessons for all English levels.

I didn’t want to go abroad because of my sisters’s swimming pool. Her house is very warm and close for me and for everybody who goes there.

If I found any time a free trip to NY city or a cheap flight I woud like to go there. For me this city is more exciting than anyelse and I think that NY could be the most interesting city I have ever dreamed.

Remedios Portillo



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